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Click here to download 3SIXT HIGHTONE 3S-1112 (01) PDF MANUAL

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****** Page 1 ****** HIGHTONE Wireless Speaker 3S-1112 USER GUIDE

****** Page 2 ****** ACCESSORIES Micro USB Cable ( for charging ) 3.5mm Audio cable ( AUX-in cable User Manual WIRELESS CONNECTION Turn the speaker on by long pressing the power switch for three seconds. The Blue LED light flashes quickly, the speaker now has entered wireless pairing mode. 1) Connect to mobile phone/tablet or PCsJlaptop: 2) Activate your device’s Bluetooth 3) Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings, scan for new Bluetooth devices 14) Upon device found PS-1112), click the device name and pair with it 5) If your device asks for a pairing code, please enter “0000” and confirm 6) After successful pairing your speaker will sound a prompt tone and the LED lights blue. Note: Pairing time is varied with different devices The 3SIXT Hightone speaker supports the “auto reconnect” feature. The speaker will remember the last 8 paired devices. 2

****** Page 3 ****** SPECIFICATIONS Buttons & Ports O Power On/Off Next song /volume up: long press ‘short press Hands free. play/pause Previous song /volumc down: long press [short press Micro LISB port for charging O AUX-IN 3

****** Page 4 ****** SPEAKER SPECIFICATIONS Wireless compatibility Transmission distance Signal to noise ration SIN Frequency Range Distortion THD Speaker unit Rated voltage Battery Charging time Working time Size Wireless v/4.l Up to 10m 180Hz-20KHz Outer diameter 50 mm. inner magnet, 4 ohms. 3W 37V DC Built-in lithium battery, 37V/500mA 2-3 hours 5-8 hours

****** Page 5 ****** LED STATUS I. Wireless status: • Blue light flashing for pairing. • Blue light solid for connection status. 2. Line in mode: • Green & blue light on 3. Charging status: • Red light on 4. Charging completed • Red light off AUX -IN FUNCTION: The 3SlXT Hightone speaker also features lx AUX audio in port. simply connect the speaker with your non-wireless mobile phone/MP3 player/PC/laptop with the 3.5 jack audio cable. The green and blue LED will be illuminated, you can now play music via the wired connection. LOW POWER INDICATION: The 3SIXT Hightone Speaker will make a voice prompt to remind you to charge the battery if the remaining battery is below 10%. Please connect your 3SlXT Hightone speaker to a power source to fully recharge the battery. CHARGING: Connect the micro USB charging cable to a IOA USB charger or computer. the red LED indicator will illuminate to indicate that the speaker is in charging mode. The Red LED will go out once the charging is finished (Approx 2-3 hours charging time using a IOA USB charger) 5

****** Page 6 ****** TROUBLE SHOOTING 1. My device can’t find any new Bluetooth@ devices a) Make sure the 3SIXT Hightone Speaker has entered pairing mode- b) Ensure the 3SIXT Hightone Speaker is within the effective working range (10m). 2. Bluetooth@ devices cannot pair a) Make sure your device allows new Bluetooth@ connections b) Make sure thc pairing password entered is ‘0000’. If you are using a Bluetooth@ transmitter device, please ensure the responding password of your Bluetooth transmitter supports the ‘0000’ code- 3. My 3SlXT Hightone Speaker does not play music or answer calls when it is connected to a Bluetooth@ device a) Make sure your Bluetooth@ device supports A2DP and HSF profile, b) Ensure your Bluetooth@ enabled device is within the effective working range. 4. When paired with my computer, Windows asks for a new driver. Can you supply? Sorry, we do not supply drivers Please visit your PC manufacturer’s website for the latest driver updates 5. Is the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker waterproof? No, the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker is only water resistant. It has a Level 5 water ingression rating that means it can sustain low pressure water jets for 30 minutes- It cannot be fully submerged in water 6

****** Page 7 ****** IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Read the following recommendations before using the 3SlXT Hightone Wireless Speaker: • Before recharging the 3SIXT Hightone Speaker through a wall outlet. make sure wall charger outlet voltage is 5V IA; • Make sure to use the Micro USB Charge Cable that came with this product, other cables may damage your 3SlXT Hightone Speaker; • Do not drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker • Do not immerse or put the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker in water. Store the ASIXT Hightone Speaker in a dry place; • Do not expose the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker to excessive heat including direct sunlight and fire; • Do not use the 3SIXT Hightone Speaker near explosive gases or flammable materials; • Do not burn or incinerate the 3SIXT Hightone Speaker; • Do not expose the 3SIXT Hightone Speaker to harsh chemicals; • Keep the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker away from young children; • Putting anything in the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker’s input or output ports other than the supplied Micro USB Charge Cable or your device’s charging cable will cause damage or short out the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker; • To extend the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker’s charging life. do a complete recharge of the 3SlXT Hightone Speaker every four months.

****** Page 8 ****** o 3S-1112 For more information, visit o or visit 000 3SlXTgear The word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Blueu»th SIG, Inc.








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