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****** Page 1 ****** Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope • Excellent acoustic sensitivity • Patented tunable diaphragm for monitoring low and high frequencies • Compact and portable design • High-performance single-lumen tubing • Patented Littmann@ Soft-sealing eartips

****** Page 2 ****** English Littmann@ Master Classic 11 Stethoscope Congratulations on the purchase of your new Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope. This award-wming design combines high perfomance and excellent acoustic sensitivity with the pottable convenience ofa single-sided stethoscope. The patented tumble diaphragm conveniently alternates between low and high frequency sounds without the need to over the chestpiece. Other features Include a patient-fliendly nonchill mm and diaplllagm, excellent acoustic seal and comfoflable fit with patented 3MTM Littmann@ Snap Tight soft- sealing earfps, and a comfortably angled, anatomically conect headset. The high perfonnance, single-lumen tubing is available in a range of attractive colors to meet Individual preferences. Most of all, know that your Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope cames the Littmann bland name, the name knoun worldwide for unsulpassed quality. As a trusted leader in auscultation technology, the Litånann brand of stethoscopes is your assurance of acoustical superiority, innovative design and exceptional performance. 1

****** Page 3 ****** Instructions for Use Changing Frequencies Using the Tunable Diaphragm Your Llttmann Master Classic II Stethoscope is equipped with a patented tunable diaphragm that enables you to listen to both low and high frequency sounds without tuning over the chestpiece. Lowfrequencies: To listen to low frequency sounds (traditional bell mode) use very light skin contact. Highfrequencies: To listen to higher frequency sounds (tnditional diaphngm mode), press fimly on the chestpiece. To listen to low and high frequency sounds without removing and repositioning the chestpiece simply alternate between light and fm pressure on the chestpiece. Headset Adjustment Correct Incorrect is designed to provide a comfortable, acoustically sealed ear fit. Notice that the eartubes are set to accommodate the typical anatomy of the ear canal. The ealtips should point in a fonvard direction as you insen them into your ear canals. To reduce spring tension in the headset, hold each eartube at the bend near the ealtip and gradually pull apart until fully extended. To increase spring tension, grasp the headset with one hand where the eaflubes enter the tubing and squeeze until the tubing on one ealtube touches the other. Repeat as necessary. For maximum acoustic perfonnance, comfortable patented 3MTM Lithnam@ Soft-sealing Ealtips are provided with your stethoscope. This stethoscope utilizes a unique design for attaching the eartip to the ealtube. The ealms are pushed on to the end ofthe ealtube and snapped fmly into place. To remove, pull firmly on the eaflip. Removing the Diaphragm and Cleaning the Chestpiece With the diaphragm side up, gmsp the lim with the thumbs and index fingers of both Imds and roll the rim offthe edge of the chestpiece. Remove the diaphragm from the rim and clean the palts in soapy water or wipe alcohol. Chestpiece surfaces can be wiped q,itll alcohol or soapy 2

****** Page 4 ****** water. Dry all pans and surfaces thoroughly before reassembly. Assembly and Replacement of the Tunable Diaphragm Using your fingertip, apply a small amount of talcun powder to the inside surface of the flexible edge of the diaphragm. This will facilitate assembly and maintain smooth and quiet low/higll frequency alternation. Snap the diaphragm with your fingers to remove excess talc. Insett the flexible edge ofthe diaphragm into the groove of the fliisis best accomplished by staltmg IVit11 the mm positioned above the legible side of the diaphragm. Visually examine the ring to ensure that the flexible edge is smoothly engaged inside the mm. Ifnecessaw, flex the assembly by Pinching the outer run edge between the thunb and fingers. Repeat this flexing procedure after rotating the assembly one qualter. To attach the lim/diaphragm assembly to the chestpiece, engage the groove of the rim (with the diaphragm attached) around the chestpiece at one point and hold it in place with your thumbs, Slowly roll the rim around and over the chestpiece edge using both thmbs, moving in opposite directions around the chestpiece. Visually inspect the edge where the diaphragm engages the for uniform containment. Minor adjustments may be made by slightly pulling and rolling the mm away from the diaphragm, allowing the diaphragm to slip into position. General Use and Maintenance • Avoid extreme heat, cold, solvents, and oils. • The entire stethoscope can be wiped clean with alcohol or soapy water. Ealfips call be removed from the ealtubes for thorough cleaning NOTE: Do not mnerse your stethoscope in any liquid or subject it to steam sterilization. Ifdisinfection is required, the stethoscope may be vviped with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. 3

****** Page 5 ****** Littmann Stethoscope Service and Warranty Program Your Littnamu stethoscope comes with the finest service and warranty policy in the indust1Y. The Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope is wananted agamst my defects in material and workmanship for a period ofthree (3) years. Ifa material or manufacturing defect is discovered dilling the 11,71Tanty period, repairs will be made without charge upon the retum of the instrument to 3M, except in cases of obvious abuse or accidental damage. For maintenance or repair services, u•Tite a short note explaimng the repair or semice you require, include your name, address and phone number and send your stethoscope directly to: 3M Health Care Service Center Bldg. 502, Suite 200 3350 Granada Ave. Nonh Oakdale,MN 55128 1-800-292-6298 IN CANADA: 3M Health Care Sentice Centre 3M Canada Inc. 80 Entelprise Drive South London, Ontario CanadaN6NlC2 1-800-563-2921 Outside ofthe US. and Canada please contact your local 3M subsidiary for maintenance and repair information. Explanation of Symbols: • Attention, see instructions for use. • This product and package do not contain natural rubber latex. 4

****** Page 6 ****** Made in USA by 3M Health care, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 (U.S.A.) 1-800-228-3957 • Fax 651-736-2803 Visit our web site: A Attention, see instructions for use. 3M Health Care D-41453 Neuss, Germany 3M is a trademark of 3M. Littmann is a registered trademark of 3M. 38-9017-6962-0








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