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****** Page 1 ****** 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Group 3Mw9926 Valved Nuisance Level Acid Gas Respirator Fitting Instructions 9926 3M 9926 Valved Nuisance Level Acid Gas Respirator Standard: ENI 49 Type: FFP2 Maximum Usage Levels: 10 x WEL for Particulates* Offers relief against low level (below WEL) acid gases with good warning properties. Approval: CE marked *Assigned Protection Factor (APF) as detailed in EN529 This respirator should not be used in oxygen deficient environments, for escape purposes or by people with beards/facial hair or in atmospheres where concentrations of contaminant may exceed that deemed Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH). 5. The seal of the respirator on the face should be fit-checked prior to wearing in the work area. a) Cover the front of the respirator with both hands being careful not to disturb the position of the respirator. b) Inhale sharply. If air flows around the nose, readjust the nosepiece as described in step 4. If air leaks at the respirator edge work the straps along the sides of the head. If you CAN NOT achieve a proper fit DO NOT enter the contaminated area. See your supervisor. 1. Cup the respirator in your hand with the nosepiece at your fingertips, allowing the headbands to hang freely below your hand. 2. Position the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece up. 3. Pull the top strap over your head resting it high at the top back of your head. Pull the bottom strap over your head and position it around the neck below the ears. 4. Place the fingertips of both hands at the top of the metal nosepiece. Mould the nosepiece to the shape of your nose by pushing inwards while moving your fingertips down both sides of the nosepiece. Pinching the nosepiece using only one hand may result in less effective respirator performance. Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Group 3M United Kingdom PLC 3M Centre Cain Road, Bracknell Berkshire RG12 Helpline: 0870 60 800 60 Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Group 3M Ireland 3M House, Adelphi Centre Upper Georges St. Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin, Ireland Helpline: 1 800 320 500 o Please recycle. Printed in the United Kingdom. 03M 2008. All rights reserved.







3M 9926 (01) PDF MANUAL

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