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****** Page 1 ****** X506 chassis Refer to the following diagram when configuring the X506 device. USB COM Port Port X506 LAN Port LEDs WAN Port Sta us LEDs Step 2: Connect the power 1 Before you connect the power cord, verify that the On/Offswitch on the back of the X5()6 device is in the ()ff position. 2 Plug the power cord into the input connector on the back ofthe device. 3 Plug the other end of the power cord into an AC outlet, power strip, or uninterruptible power supply (UPS). 4 Turn the power switch to ()n. Note: The X506 may take several minutes to boot up. When the top Status LED is steady green, the device is powered up and ready to use. Step 3: Complete initial setup configuration You may need to update your WAN settings on the Virtual Inter- faces setup screen. If you use DHCP to connect to your Internet provider, accept the default WAN settings. If you use PPPoE, enter your ISP user name and password. If your ISP assigns a static IP address, select Static as the external interface type and enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway information. Define additional user accounts if necessary. At this point, your initial configuration of the X506 is complete. Use the LSM to change settings in the future. Note: When you connect to the LAN address, your browser may display a security certificate warning. Accept the certificate and continue with the configuration procedure. Step 4: Connect the X506 to the Internet Unit Status LED (top): When flashing, indicates that the X506 is booting. Green indicates that the X506 is powered up and operating properly. VPN Status LED (bottom): When flashing, indicates that the VPN connection is being established. Green indicates that all configured VPNs are established successfully. Solid green with a slowflash indicates that the VPNs are established and passing traffic. Activity LED: Located in the upper right corner of each Ethernet port. Blinking amber indicates that data is being transmitted or received. Link LED: Located in the upper left corner of each Ethernet port. Green indicates that the link is active. Step 1: Determine installation location The 3Com X506 is a IU device that requires rack installation. See the I U Rack Mounting Bracket Installation sheet that is shipped with the product. The X506 should be placed in a location with adequate ventilation and should not be blocked or covered by any other devices or objects. 1 2 3 4 5 Gather your network information. Use the Network Information Table on the back of this pamphlet to record the required IP addresses for reference during setup. Configure your computer’s network connection to receive an IP address by DHCP. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the X506 LAN port. Your computer will receive an IP address from the X506 device. With your computer’s internet browser, connect to the X506 default LAN address: The OBE wizard opens. 1 2 3 Use an Ethernet cable to connect the X506 WAN port to your router. Ifthe X506 is configured to receive its WAN IP address by DHCP, PPPoE, PPT P, or L2TP, the device connects to your service provider. This may take a minute or more. Check the status of the external virtual interface with the LSM. If active, the interface will be in “Up” status and will have an IP address. Use your web browser to connect to an external URL, such as If you can see the web site, your internet connection is active, and you can register your device and configure other features of the X506. c Accept the default security level of Level 2. Specify the SuperUser account information at the prompt: User Name Password Confirm password Accept the default settings in the rest of the Setup Wizard by clicking No when prompted.

****** Page 2 ****** Where to go next You can now use the LSM to configure other features ofthe X506, including Security Zones, Firewall Rules, and IPS Profiles. To register the 3Com X506, go to the 3Com eSupport Web site (http:/( Detailed registration information is included in the X Family of Security Devices Hardware Installation Guide. You can also register any optional licenses for Digital Vaccine or Web Filtering. 3Com recommends that you always run the most recent Digital Vaccine on your product. For the latest X family information and associated documentation, visit the Threat Management Center ( Related documentation For detailed installation instructions and further configuration information, see the following manuals, which are included on the Documentation CD that is shipped with the product: X Family of Security Devices Hardware Installation Guide X Family Local Security Manager User’s Guide ()nline Help is also available within the Local Security Manager (LSM) interface. For information on configuring and managing your X506 under the Command Line Interface (CLI) control, see the X Family Command Line Interface Reference. Network information Use this table to record information about your network for use during configuration. Table 1: Network Information Table Network Addresses DHCP, L2TP, or PPTP only PPPoE on External Interface (provided by your ISP ifyou use PPPoE to connect) Default Gateway (WAN Router): Internal Interface (LAN) External Interface Username: Password: Static IP address (optional): corn Quick Start 3Com X506 Security Device (3CRX506-96) READ ME FIRST. Before using this document, read the Hardware and Software Release Notes for any late-breaking information regarding installation and configuration changes. All referenced product documentation is included on the Product Documentation CD or in the box with the product. This Quick Start guide provides basic instructions for connecting a single PC to the internet through the X506 device. The two main steps of the process are: Connecting and booting the X506. Connecting a PC to the X506 LAN port and accessing the web management interface, called the Local Service Manager (LSM). For information on the concepts included in the X Family solution and background information on each area of configuration, see the X Family Local Security Manager User’s Guide. 3Com Cnrporation 350 Campus Drive Marlborough, MA 01752-3064 com Copyright 0 2006-2007. 3Com, the 3Com logo, TippingPoint, the TippingPoint logo, and Digital Vaccine are registered trademarks of 3Com CMporation or one of its subsidiaries. This document contains confidential information or trade secrets or both, which are the property of 3Com Corporation. This document may not be copied, reproduced, or transmitted to others in any manner, nor may any use ofthe information in this document be made except for the specific purposes for which it is transmitted to the recipient without the prior consent of 3Com Corporation. Published April 2007 Part Number: TECHD-OOOOOOO 197 BOI








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