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Click here to download 3B MEDICAL ICODECONNECT (01) PDF MANUAL

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****** Page 1 ****** Quick Start Guide iCodeConnectN REGISTER FOR A NEW PROVIDER ACCOUNT • Click the Register for a New Provider Account link at the home page • Fill out everything with a red asterisk (*) • Submit and wait for your email with a link ADD PATIENTS TO YOUR RECORD DATABASE • Click Add Patients on the top of the screen • Fill out everything with a red asterisk (*) • Press submit ADDING SD CARD DOWNLOADS • SD card downloads can be uploaded using the automatic uploader • On the top of the screen click Add SD Card Download • Click on the lettering that says Click here to do this download automatically using the iCode Connect Uploader • The automated system will walk you through downloading the .USR file, follow the screen prompts. • The file will be in your list of SD card downloads to view or run a pdf report WI-FI AND CELLULAR UPLOADS • Wi-Fi and Cellular modems must be paired to the CPAP machine • Once paired the PIN number is found in the patient menu in the about section, this is necessary for the remote device setting changes • Wi-Fi and Cellular uploads will be updated once every 24 hours • Modem uploads are found in the wireless uploads section ADDING AN IODE REPORT • Click Add an iCode Report • Enter the 16 digit icode number found on the CPAP screen • Press submit • The icode summary compliance report can be found in the icode reports section and can be generated as a pdf report

****** Page 2 ****** ADDING USERS • Click Add User on the top of the screen • Enter information including username and password • Choose clinician or administrative permissions • Once submitted icodeconnect will send an email to the new user inviting them to the account ADDING A PHYSICIAN • There are several options for physicians in icodeconnect • Physicians may request an account at the home page • You may create an account for a physician or opt to invite a physician into the icodeconnect platform • You may add physician info without granting permission to view the patient • Once a physician is registered in icodeconnect, he will be able to view any patient assigned to him from any location ADDING A SUBSIDIARY PROVIDER • Subsidiary providers are often extra locations or clinicians attached to the patient • Click the tab Provider, then Subsidiary Provider • Fill out all fields • The subsidiary provider will receive an email inviting them to join icodeconnect • You may now assign patient access to the subsidiary provider EDITING PATIENT INFORMATION • Patient information may be changed at any time • When adding a new cpap please remember to add the patients new pin if necessary REMOTE DEVICE SETTINGS • For all modem patients click Edit Device Setting on the top of the page • Change parameters and click submit • Device setting changes will be uploaded the next time the patient turns on their CPAP 3B Medical, Inc.








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