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PDF Content Summary: CHG 518 5-Unit Drop-In Battery Charger USER MANUAL For use with Williams Sound WIR RX-18 and PLR SR1 Receivers. MAN 150D CHG 518 5-Unit Drop-In Charger Recycling Instructions Help Williams AV protect the environment! Please take the time to dispose of your equipment properly. Product Recycling: Please do NOT dispose of your Williams Sound equipment in the household trash. Please take the equipment to an electronics recycling center or return the product to the factory for proper disposal. Setup Instructions: 1. Plug the DC power connector into the rear of the CHG 518 (Figure 1). 2. Plug the TFP 043 power supply into an AC wall outlet (Figure 1). 3. Insert the Receiver into the charging slot. The receivers must be facing forward Indicator to will make illuminate contact red with when the charging charging and contacts will change (Figure to 2). green The LED when charging is complete. Figure 1: CHG 518 Rear View CHG 518 DC Power Connection

TFP 043 Power Supply AC power Connection

4. It charged. is safe to However, leave the we receivers do not recommend in the charger leaving even after receivers the batteries in the charger are fully for a prolonged period of time. 5. A CHG piggy-back 518 chargers cable to is one provided TFP 043 which power can supply. be used to connect up to three • Up to 5 receivers can be charged simultaneously per CHG 518 charger. • The charging cycle is approximately 6 hours. • A the new charger charging is powered cycle will up. begin each time a unit is placed into a slot, or when • Each indicator each lights slot in may the be charger different has depending its own independent on the charging charging status circuit, of each so the RX-18 receiver.

CHG 518 5-Unit Drop-In Charger Figure 2: CHG 518 Top View Receiver DC Con place into slot facing forward Charging slot Charging LED Indicator(s) CHG 518 (1 per slot) Troubleshooting

No LED’s Light Up: 1. Verify that the power supply is plugged into a wall outlet. 2. Verify the wall outlet has power (no tripped circuit breaker, etc). 3. Verify the BAT AP011 is installed correctly in the Receiver(s). 4. Verify that all receivers are facing front in the charger. If charging, the indicator LED will illuminate red, if fully charged, it should illuminate green. CHG 518 Specifications Dimensions: 1.5”H x 6.25”W x 12”D (38mm x 158mm x 305mm) Weight: 1.04 lbs (0.47 kg) excluding power supply Color: Black Metal and Plastic with white legends Power Supply Input: 120 VAC Power Supply: 100-240 VAC / 12 VDC (Model TFP 043) Unit Capacity: 5 units per charger, 15 units total with three CHG 518 ganged together Inputs: One 3.5mm stereo jack, and two (1 pair) RCA jacks Indicators: Individual charging indicators, one LED per bay Warranty: 1 year (90-day warranty on cables and power supply) Approvals: CE, C√, RoHS, WEEE Note: Charging specifications are based on Williams Sound rechargeable NiMH battery AP011. Limited Warranty Williams Sound products are engineered, designed and manufactured under carefully controlled conditions to provide you with many years of reliable service. Williams AV, owner of the Williams Sound brand, warrants the CHG 518 Multiple Battery Charger against defects in materials and workmanship for ONE (1) year. During the first year from the purchase date, we will promptly repair or replace the CHG 518 Charger. Microphones, earphones, headphones, rechargeable batteries, cables, carry cases, and most other accessory products carry a 90-day warranty. WILLIAMS AV HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH THIS PRODUCT IS USED. WILLIAMS SOUND, THEREFORE, DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES NOT SET FORTH ABOVE, BOTH EXPRESS AND IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE CHG 518 MULTIPLE BATTERY CHARGER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. WILLIAMS AV SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO ANY PERSON OR ENTITY FOR ANY MEDICAL EXPENSES OR ANY DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES CAUSED BY ANY USE, DEFECT, FAILURE OR MALFUNCTION OF THE PRODUCT, WHETHER A CLAIM FOR SUCH DAMAGES IS BASED UPON WARRANTY, CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE. THE SOLE REMEDY FOR ANY DEFECT, FAILURE OR MALFUNCTION OF THE PRODUCT IS REPLACEMENT OF THE PRODUCT. NO PERSON HAS ANY AUTHORITY TO BIND WILLIAMS SOUND TO ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO THE CHG 518 MULTIPLE BATTERY CHARGER. UNAUTHORIZED REPAIRS OR MODIFICATIONS WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. The exclusions and limitations set out above are not intended to, and should not be construed so as to contravene mandatory provisions of applicable law. If any part or term of this Disclaimer of Warranty is held to be illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with applicable law by a court of competent jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining portions of this Disclaimer of Warranty shall not be affected, and all rights and obligations shall be construed and enforced as if this Limited Warranty did not contain the particular part or term held to be invalid. Your warranty becomes effective the date you purchase your system. Your returned warranty card is our way of knowing when your warranty begins. Please take a moment to fill it out and mail the enclosed card. You may also register your product online: williamsav.com/Warranty-registration This information will help us serve you better in the future. Thank you! If you experience difficulty with your system, call Toll-Free for Customer Assistance: 1-800-843-3544 (U.S.A.) or 1-952-943-2252 (Outside the U.S.A.) If it is necessary to return the system for service, your Customer Service Representative will give you a Return Authorization Number (RA) and shipping instructions. info@williamsav.com / williamsav.com 800-843-3544 / INTL: +1-952-943-2252 ©2019 Williams AV, LLC MAN 150D







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