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PDF Content Summary: OWNER'S MANUAL MODEL NO. 580.751330 ® HOURS: Mon.- FrL 8 a.m. to 5 p.m (CST) CAUTION: Read and Follow all Safety Rules and Instructions Before Operating This Equipment o Assembly ° Operation o Customer Responsibilities , Service and Adjustment . Repair Parts

11O0 PSi AT 1.6 GPM ELECTRnC HnGH PRESSURE WASHER DOUBLE nNSULATED SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Part No 97068 Revision 1(12/15!95) iMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCT ONS _ WARNING Save these instructions e Highpressurespraycan cause paintchipsor other particlesto RISK OF ELECTROCUTION • inspect cord before every use Do not use if cord is damaged e Keep all connections dry and off the ground e Do not touch plug with wet hands e Double-insulated -- When servicing, use only identical replace- ment parts e This product shait only be connected to apower supply recep- tacle protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) e Read instruction manual before using _ WARNING When usin 9 this p.roduct basic I_recautions should al- ways be followed, including the fo owing: e Read all instructions before using the product WARNING To reduce the risk of injury close supervision is neces- sary when product Is used near ch dren. e Know how to stop the product and bleed the pressure quickly Be thoroughly familiar with controls e Stay alert Watch what you are doing e Do not operate the product when fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs e Keep operating area clear of al! persons _WARNING Risk of injury or injection to persons - Do not discharge stream at persons, e High pressure hose can develop leaks from wear, kinking, abuse, etc. Water spraying from a leak is capable of injecting mateda! into skin Do not point the pressure washer spray at people or animals e Do not overreach or stand on unstable support Keep good footing and balance at all times e Follow the maintenance instructions specified in the manual e This product shall only be connected to a power supply recep- tacle protected by a Ground Fault Circuit thterruptor (GFCI). This is done to comply with National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and to provide additional protection from risk of electrical shock e Save these instructions TRAINING: e Locate this pressure washer in areas away from combustible materials, combustible fumes or dust e Some chemicals or detergents may be harmful if inhaled or ingested, causing severe nausea, fainting or poisoning The harmful elements may cause property damage or severe injury e time Do not allow CHILDREN to operate the Pressure Washer at any PREPARATION: • Before starting the Pressure Washer incold weather, check all parts of the equipment and be sure ice has not formed there • Units with broken or missing parts, or without protective housing or covers should NEVER beoperated OPERATION: e Do not spray flammable liquids e Never aim the gun at people, animals or plants • For household use For indoor or outdoor use e High pressure stream of fluid that this equipment can produce can pierce skin and its underlying tissues, leading to serious injury and possible amputation become airborne and fly at high speeds e Always wear eye protection when you use this equipment or when you are in vicinity where the equipment is in use e Operate the pressure at no more than the PSI fluid pressure rated for your pressure washer e Never move the machine by pulling on high pressure hose Use the handle provided on the top of the unit e Use a respirator or mask whenever there is a chance that vapors may be inhaled Read all instructions with the mask so you are certain the mask will provide the necessary protection against inhaling harmful vapors e High pressure spray may damage fragile items including glass Do not point spray gun at glass when inthe high pressure mode e Keep the hose connected to machine or the spray gun while the system is pressurized Disconnecting the hose while the unit is pressurized is dangerous • Hold the spray gun firmly in your hand before you start the unit Failure to do so could result in an injury from a whipping spray gun Do not leave the spray gun unattended while the machine is running o Cleaning area should have adequate slopes and drainage to reduce possibility of a fal! due to slippery surfaces e Keep water spray away from elect dcwiring or fatal electdc shock may result e Do not by-pass any safety device on this machine e Do not leave gun inclosed position for more than 5 minutes with pressure washer running This could damage pump MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE: e Operate and store this unit on a stable surface e Inspect hose each time before using it Check all hoses for cuts, leaks, abrasions or bulging of cover, or damage or movement of couplings If any of these conditions exist, replace hose imme- diately. Never repair high pressure hose. Replace itwith another hose that meets minimum pressure rating of your pressure washer e Store in a clean, dry area Ideally, the unit should be stored in a frost-frae room SERVICING OF A DOUBLE-INSULATED PRODUCT In a double-inselated product, two systems of insulation are provided instead of grounding. No means of grounding is provided on a double-insulated added product, nor should a means for grounding be Servicing a double-insulated product requires extreme care and knowledge of the system and should be done only by qualified service personnel. Replacement parts for a double-insulated product must be identical parts A double-insulated to the parts they product replace, Ismarked use only with genuine the words replacement DOUBLE INSULATION" or "DOUBLE INSULATED" The symbol _may also be marked on the product EXTENSION CORDS Use only extension cords that are intended for outside use. These extension cords are Identified by a marking "ACCEPTABLE FOR USE WITH OUTDOOR APPLIANCES; STORE iNDOORS WHILE NOT IN USE" Use only extension cords having an electrical rating not less than the rating of the product. Do not use damaged extension cords. Examine extension cord before using and replace if damaged. Do not abuse extension cord and do not yank on any cord to disconnect it. Keep cord away from heat and sharp edges. Always disconnect the extension washer from cord the from extension the receptecie cord before disconnecting the pressure LOOK "ATI'ENTION!!! FOR THIS BECOME SYMBOL ALERT!!! TO POINT YOUR OUT IMPORTANT SAFETY IS INVOLVED," SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. IT MEANS OUTLET PRESSURE FLOW RATE DETERGENT MIX DETERGENT RATIO WATER SUPPLY TEMPERATURE MOTOR RATED VOLTAGE CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase of a Sears Crafts- 1100 psi man high pressure washer. It has been designed, engi- neered and manufactured to give you the best possible t .6 gpm dependability and performance. Use undiluted detergent Should you experience any problem you cannot easily 17.1 remedy, please contact your nearest Sears Service Cen- ter/Department or call the 1-800 number listed on the front of this manual. We have competent, well-trained techni- Not to exceed 104°F cians and the proper tools to service or repair this uniL Brush type (universal) Please read and retain this manual, The instructions will enable you to assemble and maintain your high pressure 120 volts washer properly. Always observe the "SAFETY RULES." CURRENT 13 amperes MODEL NUMBER 580.751330 MAgNTENANCE AGREEMENT SERIAL NUMBER A Sears Maintenance Agreement is available on this prod- uct. Contact your nearest Sears store for details. DATE OF CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES PURCHASE o Read and observe the safety rules. THE MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBERS WILL BE FOUND ON A DECAL ATTACHED TO THE PRES- e Follow regular schedule in maintaining, caring for and using your high pressure washer_ SURE WASHER. YOU SHOULD RECORD BOTH SERIAL NUMBER e Follow the instructions under"Customer Responsibili- AND DATE OF PURCHASE AND KEEP IN A SAFE ties" and "Storage" sections of this Owner's Manual_ PLACE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN HIGH PRESSURE WASHER Forone yearfromthe dateof purchase,when thisCraftsmanHighPressureWasherismaintainedend operated accordingto the instructionsinthe owner'smanual,Searswillrepair,freeof charge,anydefect inmaterialand workmanship If this washeris usedfor commercialpurposes,thiswarrantyappliesfor only90 daysfrom the date of purchase If this high pressurewasheris used forrental purposes,thiswarrantyapplies for only30 days afterdate of purchase, This warranty does notcover: Expendableitemssuch as spark plugsand air filters,which become worndudng normal use. _epairs necessary because of operator abuse ornegligence, including damage resulting from no water being supplied to pump or failure maintain the equipment asoordlng to the instructionscontained in the owner's manual WARRANTY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE BY RETURNING THE HIGH PRESSURE WASHER TO THE NEAREST SEARS SERVICE CENTERJDEPARTMENT THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., D/817 WA, Hoffman Estates, IL60179 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY RULES .............................................................. 2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS .............................................3 CONTENTS OF HARDWARE PACK.............................. 5 ACCESSORIES AND ATTACHEMENTS ......................... 5 ASSEMBLY ....................................................................... 6 OPERATION .................................................................. 7-10 CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES ....................................10 STORAGE ..................................................................... 11 TROUBLESHOOTING .................................................. 12 REPLACEMENT PARTS ............................................ 13-17 iNDEX -A- Accessories ............... 5 Assembly Checklist .......................... 6 Removing from Carton ........... 6 Set Up .......................... 6 --Bin Before starting ............ 9 Before each use .......... 10 -C- Cleaning Tips ............. 10 Customer Responsibilities. 3,10 Checkwashe_components 10 Electrical supply ........... 9 Extension cords ........... 9 Extensions, wand ........... 8 -R- -H- Replacement Parts ....... 13-17 Hardware Pack ........... 5 -S- High Pressure Hose....... 6, 7 Safety Rules ............... 2 -M- Siphoning ................ 10 Specifications ................ 3 Maintenance Agreement ..... 3 Storage ...................... 11 Nozzle .................. 11 -T- -N- Troubleshooting .......... 12 Nozzle, adjustable ............ 8 U -O- Utility brush ............. 7, 8 Operation DetergentApplication ........... g -W- KnowYourPressureWasher. Stopping........................ _ 7 8 Warranty ................... 3 To Turn onWasher ................ 9 Order Parts ........ back page -G- Ground Fault Gun and Wand Assembly_.. 6-8 4 CONTENTS OF HARDWARE PACK Parts packed separately In carton Spray Gun Owner's Manual Utility Bn_sh and Adaptor High Pressure Hose Quick-Connect Cleaning Kit ACCESSORIES AND ATTACHMENTS These accessories and attachments were available when the high pressure washer was purchased_ They are also available at most Sears retail outlets and service centers, Most Sears stores can order these items for you when you provide washer_ the model number of your high pressure washer_ Some of these accessories may not apply to your pressure ROTATING BRUSH KIT 71-75199 QUICK CONNECT WITH 2 ADAPTORS 71 _75187 POSE]HOUSE MULTI-PUR- DECK WASH VEHICLE]BOAT DEGREASER WASH 71-75100 71-75101 71_75102 WASH 71-75103 5 GARDEN HOSE FLOOR/SIDING BRUSH KIT 71-75190 UTILITY BRUSH KIT 71-75189

ASSEMBLY Read these instructions and Operator's Manual in its en- tirety before you attempt to assemble or operate your new high pressure washer. Your high pressure washer has, for the most part, been assembled at the factory, except those parts left unassembled_ Before you can operate your new high pressure washer', you must properly connect the high pressure hose. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE ASSEMBLY OF YOUR PRESSURE WASHER, PLEASE CALL THE PRESSURE WASHER HELPLINE AT 1-800-222-3136. TO REMOVE PRESSURE WASHER FROM CARTON ,, Remove holder. gun and wand assembly from cardboard o Remove all other packing material from box before removing your high pressure washer. Refer to Page 5, "Contents of Hardware Pack" for an illustrated listing of all the items included with your pressure washer. Become familiar with each piece before assem- bling pressure washer. Check all contents against illustra- tions on Page 5 If any parts are missing or damaged, call the Pressure Washer Helpline. at 1-800-222-3136 HOWTO SET UP YOUR PRESSURE WASHER Included with this unit isa quick-connect fitting that you attach -- a male to the connector water inlet. and It can a female separate connector into two parts that contains an inlet screen. Make sure this screen, as well as the intake supply filter, is clean. Attach the male connector of the quick-connect to the intake supply opening on the front of the pump (Fig 1). The water supply will be attached to the female connector. INTAKE SUPF INTAKE SUPPLY FILTER FEMALE CONNECTOR INLET SCREEN FIG. 2 HIGH PRESSURE OUTLET FIG. 3 FIG. 1 = Unravel high pressure hose and attach to spray gun FIG. 4 (Fig. 2). Tighten with two adjustable wrenches as illus- trated, Do nottry to tighten withoutholding second nut. o To attach the high pressure hose to the unit (Fig 3) push the "O"-ring connector of the hose.into the high pressure outlet and then hand tighten until secure. ,, Attach adjustable nozzle extension to spray gun by inserting threaded end of extension into end of spray gun and tightening the extension by hand until it locks in place (Fig. 4). CHECKLIST ,, Check for proper hose connections (high pressure and water supply) and for tight connections and that there are no kinks, cuts, or damage to the high pressure hose_ ,, Provide proper water supply (not to exceed 104°F)_ ,, Be sure to read "Safety Rules" and "Operation" sec- tions before using the pressure washer, 6

OPERATION KNOW YOUR HIGH PRESSURE WASHER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR HIGH PRESSURE WASHER. Compare the illustrations with your high pressure washer tofamiliarize yourself with the locations ofvarious controls and adjustments, Save this manual for future reference. DETERGENT PICKUP TUBE AND FILTER INTAKE SUPPLY OPENING • MALE CONNECTOR RLTER INLET SCREEN "A" QUICK-CONNECT WAND ESSURE OUTLET (male connector, see also Fig "A") GUN TURBO NOZZLE FIG. 5 PRESSURE HOSE GUN AND WAND ASSEMBLY -- Controls the application of water onto cleaning surface with tdgger device Includes safety latch, UTILITY surface. BRUSH--Used to apply detergent and scrub DETERGENT PICKUP TUBE AND FILTER-- Mixes water and detergent in outlet water flow, HIGH sure hose, PRESSURE OUTLET -- Connection for high pres- QUICK-CONNECT--Easy connection forintake water supply_

OPEBATBON HOW TO USE YOUR WASHER IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS OPERATING YOUR PRESSURE WASHER, PLEASE CALL THE PRESSURE WASHER HELPLINE AT 1-800-222-3136. STOPPING YOUR PRESSURE WASHER ,,F FIG. 6 o If the pressure washer is running, press the ON/OFF switch (Fig 6) o Simply shutting OFF washer will not release pres- sure in the system. Pullthe trigger on the spray wand assembly to relieve the pressure in the hose_ NOTE: A small amount of water will squirt out when you release the pressure WAND EXTENSIONS Your high pressure washer comes equipped with a choice of three wand extensions -- one with an adjustable nozzle (Fig. 7), one with a utility brush (Fig. 8) and turbo nozzle (Not shown)_ Remove the adjustable nozzle extension if you wish to use the utilitybrush. Attach the Brush Adaptor to the utilitybrush and then insert the threaded end into the spray gun and hand tighten. ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE UTILITY ADAPTOR FIG. 7 FIG. 8 HOW TO USE ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE A WARNING: WHEN SPRAYING. NEVER NEVER ADJUST PUT SPRAY HANDS PATTERN IN FRONT OF SPRAY NOZZLE TO ADJUST SPRAY PAT- TERN. With the adjustable nozzle you can adjust the spray pattern to be either high pressure or low pressure. You can also adjust the spray so it is concentrated in a stream pattern or expanded into a fan pattern. Use this nozzle to apply detergent = Push the nozzle attachment forward when you wish to adjust the spray to low pressure mode (Fig. 9) Pull the nozzle backward toachieve high pressure. ,, Twisting the nozzle adjusts the spray pattern from a narrow stream to an expanded stream. NOZZLE IN HIGH PRESSURE MODE PUSH NOZZLE FORWARD FOR TWIST NOZZLE TO TWIST NOZZLE TO NARROW LOW PRESSURE MODE AND EXPAND SPRAY STREAM SPRAY STREAM DETERGENT APPLICATION FIG. 9

OPERATaON APPLYING DETERGENT WITH ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE WASHING/RINSING NOZZLE IMPORTANT: USE SOAPS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR PRESSURE WASHERS. HOUSEHOLD DETER- GENTS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST ATTACH ALL HOSES BE- FORE YOU STARTTHE PRESSURE WASHER. START- ING THE PRESSURE WASHER WITHOUT ALL THE HOSES CONNECTED WILL DAMAGE THE PUMP, Pressure washers are useful cleaning tools designed to clean almost any surface in two easy steps, o The first step involves applying an appropriate deter- gent/solvent solution to penetrate and loosen grime. The detergent is applied at low pressure to avoid splashing, on surface overspraying for 3 to 5 minutes andwaste, to allow Leave solution thesolution to work. o The second step involves cleaning the surface you have prepared with the pressure washer and then rinsing it clean. To apply detergent follow these steps: o Prepare your detergent solution as required by your job. o Place small filter of the clear, detergent syphon- ing tube into the deter- gent container (Fig. 10), o Set nozzle to low pres- sure mode, Detergent cannot be siphoned with nozzle in high pressure mode (see Fig_9), A WARNING: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL IF YOU MUST USE PRESSURE WASHER FROM LADDER SCAFFOLD NG OR ANY OTHER RELATIVELY UN- STABLE LOCATION. PRESSURE IN A RUNNING WASHER BUILDS IN THE WAND AS YOU CLIMB. WHEN YOU PRESS THE TRIGGER, THE RECOIL FROM THE INITIAL SPRAY COULD FORCE YOU TO FALL, OR IF YOU ARE TOO CLOSE TO THE CLEANING SURFACE, HIGH PRESSURE COULD FORCE YOU OFF CLIMBING APPARATUS. o Hook up water supply (Fig, 12) HIGH PRESSURE HOSE GARDEN HOSE FIG. 12 o Adjust nozzle to select high pressure mode (see Fig 9), NOTE; mode. Detergent will not flow when in the high pressure FIG. 10 o the Start bottom. washer and work from the top of the surface to NOTE: The high pressure mode ismost effective when the o Start washer and apply detergent to a dry surface, tip of the wand is held between 8 to 24 inches from the starting from the bottom and working up surface being cleaned_ _, Remove siphon from bottle to stop detergent in low pressure mode. BEFORE STARTING PRESSURE WASHER NOTE: Detergents are most effective applied to a dry surface. To operate the unit you will need the following: HOW TO USE UTILITY BRUSH o Electrical supply rated for 120 volts at 15amps, = You can apply detergent with this nozzle, As you are applying detergent to surface you want to clean, you can also combine the liquid spray with scrubbing to clean very dirty areas, o You cannot adjust the spray pattern with this nozzle. Io fications: Ifusing an extension cord, observe the following speci- o Store utility brush on top of handle (Fig_ 11)_ o FIG. 11 CABLE LENGTH WIRE GAUGE Up to33 ft (10m) 14/3 AWG 33 to 66 ft. (tOm to 20m) 12/3AWG Use only extension cords that are intended for outside "ACCEPTABLE use. These extension FOR cords USE are WITH identified OUTDOOR by a marking APPLI- ANCES; STORE iNDOORS WHILE NOT IN USE," Use onlyextension cords having an electrical rating not lessthan the ratingof the producL Do not usedamaged extension cord& Examine extension cord before using and replace if damage& Do not abuse extension cord and do not yank on any cord to disconnect iL Keep cord away from heat and sharp edges Always discon- disconnecting nect the extension the pressure cord from washer the from receptacle the extension before cord, 9

OPERATUON TO TURN ON WASHER WARNING: NEVER ADJUST SPRAY PATTERN WHEN WATER IS SPRAYING. NEVER PUT HANDS IN FRONT OF SPRAY NOZZLE TO ADJUST SPRAY PATTERN. ALWAYS KEEP HANDS IN THE POSI- TION SHOWN IN FIG. 9 CAUTION: Gun Idcks back. Use both hands. WARNING: -- Do not discharge Risk of injury stream or at injection persons. to persons e Check that high pressure hose is attached to pump outlet and that water supply is attached to pump inlet (female connector of quick-connect). o Turn ON water..Water supply should not exceed 104°F_ ,= Press trigger on gun and wand assembly to force air from high pressure hose (Fig. 12). = Maintain trigger as shown in Fig 12and press ON/OFF switch. © IMPORTANT: DO NOT RUN PUMP WITHOUT THE WATER SUPPLY CONNECTED AND TURNED ON OR THE PUMP WILL BE DAMAGED° SIPHONING We do not recommend that you siphon your water supply from sources other than from connecting to household water supply. TiPS o Initially clean an area and then check the surface for damage. If no damage is found, you can assume it is okay to continue cleaning Detergents work best when applied to dry surface. o For most effective cleaning, keep spray nozzle be- tween 8to 24 inches of cleaning surface. o Allow the detergent to soak in between 3-5 minutes before washing and rinsing, o For cleaning, start at lower portion of area to be washed and work upward, using long, even overlapping strokes oooa For rinsing, push the nozzle sleeve to high pressure and wait for detergent to clear. Start at the top of area to be rinsed, working down with the same action as for cleaning. Never use the garden hose inlet to siphon detergent or wax_ If you get the spray nozzle too close, especially using high surface. pressure mode, you may damage the cleaning If will you not have be as the effective_ spray nozzle too far away, the cleaning FIG. 13Do bile not tires. get closer than 6 incheswhen cleaning automo- CUSTONER RESPONSIBILUTUES GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS The warranty of the high pressure washer does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or neg- ligence. To receive full value from the warranty, operator must maintain high pressure washer as instructed in this manual BEFORE EACH USE DANGER : WATER SPRAYING FROM A LEAK IS CAPABLE OF INJECTING MATERIAL INTO SKIN. INSPECT HOSE EACH TIME BEFORE USING IT. NEVER REPAIR HIGH PRESSURE HOSE. RE- PLACE IT WITH ANOTHER HOSE THAT MEETS MINIMUM PRESSURE RATING OF YOUR PRES- SURE WASHER. Check and Clean Quick-Connect Screen: Remove quick-connect and examine the inlet screen on the female connector. inlet screen. Clean if clogged or replace the quick-connect Check High Pressure Hose: High pressure hose can develop leaks from wear, kinking, abuse. Check all hoses for cuts, leaks, abrasions or bulging of cover, or damage or movement of couplings. If any of these conditions exist, replace hose immediately. Check Detergent Hose: Examine the filter on the deter; gent hose and clean if clogged. Hose should fit tightly on barbed fitting Examine hose for leaks or tears. Replace the filter or hose if either is damaged. Check Gun and Wand: Examine hose connection and make sure it is secure. Test trigger by pressing it and making sure it springs back into place when released. Put safety latch in ON position and test tdgger. You should not be able to press tdgger. ]0


Water should not remain in the unit for long periods of time. Sediments of minerals can deposit on pump parts and "freeze" pump action_ After each time you are finished using your pressure washer, follow this procedure: o Flush detergent hose by placing the injector filter into a pail of clear water while running Pressure Washer with nozzle in low pressure mode Flush until you can see clear water flowing through hose, o Shut THEN off REMOVE the pressure ALL washer, HOSES_ unplug itand let itcool, o Store the pressure washer and its components in such a way as to protect it from freezing. o Store stored in in a a clean, frost-free dry room. araa. Ideally, the unit should be o Coil the high pressure hose and inspect it for damage. Cuts in the hose or fraying of it could result in leaks and lossof pressure, Should any damage be found, replace the hose. DO NOT attempt to repair a damaged hose and use it, Replace the hose with the genuine Crafts- man parL o Drain water from hose and properly store it to prevent cuts and general wear_ NOZZLE MAINTENANCE If the nozzle becomes restricted or clogged with foreign materials, such as din, excessive pump pressure may develop. A partially clogged nozzle can cause a pulsing sensation during use. This generally is not a pump related problem, but rather a clogged or partially restricted nozzle, Ifthe nozzle becomes clogged or partially restricted imme- diately clean the nozzle. o Disconnect the power supply and tum off the water supplyr O Separate the wand from the gun o 2mm Remove or 5/64 the nozzle alien wrench. from the end of the wand using a o Use a piece of wire or small paper clip to free the foreign materials (Fig. 14) from clogging or restricting the noz- zle. ,, Use your water supply to back flush the wand removing additional debris. Back flush for 30 seconds to 1minute (Fig. 15)Turn wand to stream spray position and move from low to high pressure while flushing ° Reinstall the nozzle into the wand, do not over tighten. o Reconnect wand to the gun, o Reconnect the water supply and turn on the water, o Reconnect the electrical power supply. Test the pressure washer by operating in the high and low position. FIG. 14 Insert wire into nozzle and turn back and forth to clear obstruction. FIG. 15 ]l

TF OUBLESHOOTnNG WARNING: A COMPONENT MANY OF OF THE THE PRESSURE ACTIONS YOU WASHER. ARE ASKED WHEN TO CLEANING CORRECT ANY ARE PART PROBLEMS OF THIS THAT UNIT, TURN INVOLVE OFF CLEANING THE UNIT AND COMPLETELY DISCONNECT THE POWER SUPPLY. PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Pressure Washer will not start 1 No electrical power is available. 2 Motor overheats. 3_ Low voltage 4_ Trigger not open 5. Electrical defect Pressure Washer does not come up to pressure Highpressurespray is irregular_ Nointakeof cleaning agent. 1. Check cable, plug, power socket and fuse. 2 Press trigger of wand to relieve pressure on the uni[ Allow unit to cool for about 2 min. Itshould run when you turn it ON again. Length of extension cord is well beyond 66 feel 3 Contact Sears Service Department 4 Open trigger 5 Contact Sears Sevice Department. 1. Spraygun is inlow pressuremode, 1_ Adjust nozzle to high pressure mode. 2 Pumpis sucking all 2. Water hose must be 1/2" diameter Make sure water supply isON. Make sure water supply isclean. Check all connections for leaks or blockage. Tum OFF the unit, hold trigger in OPEN position to relieve pressure and allow air in line to escape With tdgger still in OPEN position, tum ON the unit Repeat if necessery_ 3+ Water filter clogged 3_ Clean filter_ 4 Pump not bled to removeair 4. Switch OFF washer, press trigger, switch ON washer while pressing tdgger Repeat if necessary. 5_ Pump isdefective 5. Contact Sears Service Department. 1_ Nozzle or water supply is restricted. 1. Clean nozzle, check hose and Screens_ 2_ Water supply inadequate. 2. Tum ON water tofull position. Operate washer in suction operation with open container. 1. Wrong nozzle setting 1, Adjust nozzle to low pressure mode_ 2. Nozzle clogged_ 2_ Clean nozzle. 3, Detergent hose filter cloggecL 3_ Clean tilter in detergent hose. ]2


ITEM PART NO. DESCRIPTION ITEM PART NO. 2 96154 SCREW (4 REQ,) 11 96156 3 96155 MOTOR HOUSING (1 REQ+) 12 94307 4 94313 GEAR WHEEL (1 REQ,) 13 94308 5 94314 GASKET (1 REQ,) _4 94369 6 94315 O-RING (1 REQ) 15 96159 7 96156 ROTARY SHAFT SEAL (1 REQ,) 16 94310 8 94316 BEARING (1 REQ+) 17 94312 9 94317 SWASH PLATE (1 REQ+) 18 94311 10 96157 SCREW (1 REQ) DESCRIPTION MOTOR HOUSING (1 REQ) CABLE (2 REQ) SEAL (1 REQ ) CELLULAR RUBBER CORD (1 REQ+) HOUSING COVER (1 REQ+) _NSULATING MAT (1 REQ) MOTOR (1 REQ,) INSULATING MAT (1 REQ) 13


ITEM 12345676910111213141516171819202122 PART NO. DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 96160 HOUSING (1 REQ,) HOUSING (1 REQ,) SPILL VALVE 1(REQ,) SLEEVE (1 REQ,) 96161 SELF-TAPPING SCREW (2 REQ.) SELF-TAPPING SCREW (2 REQ.) 96162 SPARE PARTS KIT (1 REQ,) SPARE PARTS KIT (1 REQ,) 96163 PUMP COVER (1 REQ.) PUMP COVER (1 REQ.) 19,3 x 2Atom O-RING (1 REQ_) 94304 NOZZLE INSERT (1 REQ,) NOZZLE INSERT (1 REQ,) 96164 OVAL HEAD SCREW (4 REQ) OVAL HEAD SCREW (4 REQ) 94302 10 x 2,5ram O-RING (3 REQ) 10 x 2,5ram O-RING (3 REQ) VALVE (3 REQ) 76 x 2ram O-RING (1 REQ) 96165 CYLINDER HEAD (1REQ) CYLINDER HEAD (1REQ) 94303 PISTON (3 REQ,) PISTON (3 REQ,) 94305 HELICAL SPRING (3 REQ) HELICAL SPRING (3 REQ) 96166 HOUStNG (1 REQ,) HOUStNG (1 REQ,) 94306 GROOVED RING (3 REQ,) GROOVED RING (3 REQ,) WASHER (3 REQ,) GROOVED RING (3 REQ,) O-RING (3 REQ,) PRESSURE VALVE (3 REQ.) GASKET (1 REQ.) *-- Part Is included with Pump Repair Kit (Part No 94301)


4 5 21 1 18-- _Z_,_I17 14 16 16


ITEM PART NO. 1 94293 2 94294 3 94295 4 96150 5 94296 6 94297 7 94298 8 96151 9 94299 10 96152 11 96153 12 96016 13 94306 14 95602 15 95563 16 95604 17 88185 18 95577 19 97068 20 95566 21 96017 DESCRIPTION COVER (1 REQ.) FILTER (1 REQ) HOSE (1 REQ) SCREW (7 REQ) ELECTRIC CORD (1 REQ) CORD BUSHING (1 REQ,) SWITCH (1 REQ) BRACKET (1 REQ) PROTECTING CAP (1 REQ,) SWITCH FRAME(1 REQ) RUBBER BUFFER(4 REQ) QUICK DISCONNECT ADAPTOR (1 REQ) WATER INLET FILTER (1 REQ.) WAND EXTENSION (1 REQ) SPRAY GUN (1 REQ,) HIGH PRESSURE HOSE [25 FT,] 1 (REQ.) UTILITY BRUSH (1 REQ,) ATTACHMENT ADAPTOR (1 REQr) OWNER'S MANUAL (1 REQ) [not shown] TURBO WAND (1 REQ) QUICK DISCONNECT ADAPTOR - MALE (1REQ,) 17

® OWNER'S 1100 PSi AT 1.6 GPM MANUAL ELECTRIC HiGH PRESSURE WASHER DOUBLE iNSULATED [-_1 Each High Pressure Washer' has its own model number. MODEL NO. The model number for your pressure washer' will be found on a decal 580.751330 attached to the unit. All Service parts Centers listed herein and most may Retail be ordered Stores. through Sears, Roebuck and Co IF YOU NEED WHEN ORDERING REPAIR PARTS, ALWAYS GIVE THE FOL- REPAIR SERVICE LOWING INFORMATION: OR PARTS e PRODUCT--HIGH PRESSURE WASHER e MODEL NUMBER-- 580.751330 FOR REPAIR SERVICE CALL @ PARTNUMBER THIS TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-800-4_REPAIR e PART DESCRIPTION (1-800-473_7247) FOR REPLACEMENT PARTS INFORMATION AND ORDER- ING, CALL THIS TOLL FREE 1-800-FON-PART NUMBER: Your Sears merchandise has added value when you consider that Sears has service units nationwide staffed with Sears trained fessiona! technicians specifically trained on Sears products, having the parts, tools and the equipment to ensure that we meet our pledge to you, we service what we sell (1-800-366-7278) SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Part No 97068 Revision 1 (12/15/95) Pdnted in US A







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