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****** Page 1 ****** AX-1250 INSTRUCTIONS ATRIX Need Help? Cut Line 6.25 INCHES AX-12SO WIRELESS HEADSET USER GUIDE Have any questions or cnmrnents? Need help getting set up? Contact us at caregamestopcom What’s Included • Wireless Console Headset • 5,8Ghz Dongle • USB-C to UWA Charging Cable • 3.5mm TRHS Aux Cable LED Indicators • Headset/Dongle Indicator Hashing Blue – Unpaired • Headset Indicator Rapidly Hashing Blue – Pairing • Solid Blue Light – Paired • Headset Indicator Solid Hed – Charging Connection Types Ccrnpatiblity; Ccrnpatiblity; PS51N & PC SCRIES X/S XBOX ONES, NINTENDO SWITCH* & PC 3Smm Pairing the Headset • Hold the gmver button on the headset for 3 seconds to turn it on and off. • The headset will automatically pair with the included 5.f3Ghz dongle when it is plugged into your console. Charging the Headset • Plug the tJS13«: end of the charging cable into the headset. • Plug the USE-A end of the charging cable into a IJI- compliant power supply of at least DC 5V 800mA. • A full charge requires approximately 4 hours. • The light will turn off when charging is complete. PS5 setup • Plug the 5.8Ghz rece’ver into the LISB pcrt located on the front of your console and power the headset, • you can also use the included 3.5mm Aux cable to connect by plugging the headset into the controller. • Enter the settings menu > Devices > Audio Devices. • Set input and output deviceto IJSB Headset. • Change “Audio Output to Headphones”to “Chat Audio”. • Set headphone volume level to your desired setting. • Select the m’czophone level and follow the prompts to adjust your desired settings. PS4 setup • Plug the 5.8Ghz receiver into USB pcrt lcxated on front of your ccnsole and on the headset. • You can also use included 3,5mm Aux cable to by plugging the headset into the ctT.trollcr. • Enter the settings rnenu > Devices > Audio Devices. • Set input and output ‘L•vice to USB Headset, • Changc “Audio Output to Headphones” to “Chat Audio! • Set headphone volume to your desired setting. • the level and follow the prompts to adjust LED Indicator Pair Button Charge Indicator Charge Input/ USB-C Port USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable XBOX Series setup • Use the AUX cable to plug the headset into the controller. Note: Not all controllers will have a 3.5mm audio jack. • Enter the System Menu > Audio. • Set Headset Volume to your desired setting. • Set Mic Monitoring to your desired setting. XBOX One setup • use the AtJX cable to plug the headset into the cnntroller€ Note: Not all cnntrollers will have a 3.5mm audio jack. • Enter the System Menu > Audio. • Set Headset Volume to your setting. • Set Mic Monitoring to your desired setting. FRONT 5,8Ghz Dongle Aux Port Volume Dial Mic On/Off/ Power Buttonm Audio Adjustable Pairing Indicator 3.5mm TRHS AUX Cable PC setup • Plug the 5.8Ghz receiver into an audio enabled USB port on your PC and power on the headset • Set audio input and output to USB ctT.nected device. • If you’re having problems make sure the USB device is for default communicaticns in sound control settinc.ys. Switch Setup • Use AUX cable to plug the headset into the switch. • The switch must be used out of dock in handheld mode to the audio jack- your desired settings. Adjusting The Mic Ax-leso WIRELESS HEADSET USER GUIDE GS-“57 l:cc ?A093GSHPfi7C C: 2642-1-GSHP57C Made in 7 INCHES 7 INCHES • The microphone is adjustable and can be extended or pushed back into the headset. • adjust the microphone pull it out ofthe ear cup, do not pull hard to avoid damaging it. 7.1 Audio Setup • For console: Press the power button after the headset is turned and • For PC: For 71 enhanced audio driver use the qr code or navigate to set and download the zip file. Then follow the easy steps: 1. Extract the zip file contents to a folder on your computer 2.Plug your headset into your PC 3,Hun the and follow prompts. 4.Press the power button after the headset is turned on and paired. Troubleshooting 1. Having issues mh pairing? Follow the steps to re-establish pairing with the dongle and headset. If the connection is broken: • Make sure the headset is turned off. • Insert the dongle into the USB gnrt. • Press and hold the “Pair Button” for 6 until the blue light flashes rapidly and then et go, • On the headset, press and hold the Vower Button” for a few seconds until the dongle LED turns solid The headset is now paired. 2.1f you are having issues where your audio seems to drop intermittently or there is buzzing or feedback in the ear cups you may be experiencing interferentæ. These headsets are to use the 5BGHz wireless range. Many other devices such as wifi routers, smart thermostats and wireless speakers may a so be using this frequency in your home and causing interferenæ Here are sorne to reduce the chancæ of interference: 3.This headset cannot uscd with XBOX wirelessly, to play using an XBOX follow the instructions atnvc. A Reducx• the number of nearby wireless devices in your gaming area, B.Maintain line of sight with the dongle and your headset if possible, sometimes simply moving the to the front of your console or PC can reduce the amount of noise allowed to interfere. C.Try tempujrarily your wifi or unplugging it and then play a garne offline to see if the issue still persists. D.Try and ma’ntain at least a 5ft distance of a wifi router or satellite routerfrom the dongle/gaming area. +5 ft Elf your router can operate on both 2.4 or 5 GHz try selecting only 2.•1GHZ so the 5.f3GHz can be clear for the headset. G. Ensure the dongle is directly connected into the console or PC without the use of an extension cable or mon’tor USB ports. Plug into your PC or console H. Keep other LISB devices away from the dong e if to improve signal strength ports. Remove other USB devices. BACK I nvartant In structi«’s WAIWNG ugiiruj ibis All GNAicos warnings Stx:HJH Protect from hum WV 00 lg;e dry cl’cih. 10 avoid frun oe.aks unplug Lhe device when it is in use. II hiv; qualirusl I-@uid 1m the equipment. • l:.lipmwil; ‘ls:v; lull”U4iiy. • been and/or is • Igg; • Equipment wod we” c:ryoo «nnnc•t it wol*i19 æxo«i’ing to SAVE Ihis With Part the ECC rubs. 10 lhe t} ti•gvy riod ibis am• ifkfference ilteff«ence that may cause Widesira:l operation. W;grii’4•: to ibis viit tzpmggåy ‘fi.riy cornoliance vod the authorty to OSM,ite tfR NOIE: Itiis been tested and found to e«ngly weh the linits a Class B dignal pgg$uaril; 15 FCC HiAg;. are to ‘*’0tection hagrof•ul interference in a installatkHm hisequiptnef’l generates, •E;es and CMI frequency and if fiCA. Mid used in Wilh the instructions, rray fiid’ic• Ifthis to t;gl’io which r.;xi det€«rrü’iEd the md 00, tttæ uær is to the Ery lhe ll*rwing • Hec«ient the æoeiviro antenna litereæ:.e the separation the and • the gri which Itie can r.ected. • Ccw’gad’t Itiis device Is}/ eocnply Science and C.anu]öb HSS(si is subiEC* the icålc•wing two 1’} riod 2) this deve must in:æpt interference. interference rr•y cause al the ‘C Radiatön Exvosure Stileme/t Cat..’tion: 1k) maintk*v c:xxrdiance with Cs HI: p’kU;e ihr fleur” r’u»rby Made Chico AT Q • x. l’r’u;, fi?5 PkwM Ptilxie:








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