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PDF Content Summary: Installation Instructions Certified to comply with ANSI A112.18.1M 1 INSTALL FAUCET Installation with DECK ESCUTCHEON: Apply a light bead of plumbers putty to underside of ESCUTCHEON (1) if mounting surface is uneven. Place ESCUTCHEON (1) onto sink or mounting surface with hole for FILTER HOUSING to the right or left. Insert all HOSES (2) and SHANK (3) through ESCUTCHEON (1) and mounting surface. Figure A. Assemble RUBBER WASHER (5), BRASS WASHER (6) and threaded LOCKNUT (7) onto SHANK (3) from underside of sink or mounting surface. Hand tighten LOCKNUT (7). Check that rotation of HANDLE (4) from HOT to COLD is centered. Figure B. 4662.003 SINGLE CONTROL KITCHEN FILTER FAUCET Thank you for selecting American-Standard...the benchmark of fine quality for over 100 years. To ensure that your installation proceeds smoothly--please read these instructions carefully before you begin. The system and installation shall comply with applicable state and local regulations. M965108 RECOMMENDED TOOLS Regular Screwdriver Phillips Screwdriver Adjustable Wrench Channel Locks UNPACKING All American Standard Products Are Water Tested At Our Factory. Some Residual Water May Remain In The Valve During Shipping. 1. Remove the Filter Faucet items from the carton. The illustration below shows all items after they have been removed from the carton. Some items may be packaged partially assembled to other items. FILTER HOUSING OPTIONAL FILTER FILTER FAUCET CAP FILTER *WATER BOTTLE ASSEMBLY SOAP UP COLLET DISH UP ESCUTCHEON FOR FILTER HOUSING MOUNTING KIT *Note: The water bottle has not been evaluated to the NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards. CAUTION Turn off water at main supply. FACTORY INSTALLED SEAL 1 PLUMBERS PUTTY (If required) MOUNTING SURFACE 567 M965108 1 4 Figure A. 3 4 2FILTER HOT COLD Handle travel is centered Figure B. SECURE 2 FILTER FAUCET TO MOUNTING SURFACE Use a screwdriver to tighten SCREWS (1) on LOCKNUT (2). Work your way around LOCKNUT (2), tightening the SCREWS (1) slightly each time until all are snug to ensure even pressure. RUBBER WASHER METAL WASHER 2 3 CONNECT HOT AND COLD WATER SUPPLIES Turn off hot and cold water supplies before beginning. Connect FLEXIBLE SUPPLIES (1, 2) directly to wall supplies. Connection on fitting supplies are 3/8" compression. Connect left supply (Red Stripe) to Hot and right supply (Blue Stripe) to the Cold wall supply. Use adjustable wrench to tighten connections. Do not over tighten. Faucet supplies are 20-1/2" long from base of faucet. Note: If longer supply length is required, installer must purchase additional parts separately. Important: If SUPPLY HOSES (1, 2) are LOOP SUPPLIES too long, loop as illustrated to avoid kinking. IF REQUIRED RED STRIPE 2 1 HOT 20-1/2" BLUE STRIPE 2 1 SUPPLY VALVES COLD M965108 FILTER 4 HOUSING INSTALLATION Remove the COLLET ASSEMBLY (1) from the FILTER HOUSING (2). Grasp the COLLET ASSEMBLY (1) and pull it down firmly from the FILTER HOUSING (2). Figure A. Insert the FILTER HOUSING (2) into the faucet ESCUTCHEON FILTER HOLE (3). The word “FRONT” should face you when installed. Figure B. Note: Position the COLLET ASSEMBLY (1) with the arrows pointing "up". Push the COLLET ASSEMBLY (1) back onto the FILTER HOUSING (2). Make sure the COLLET ASSEMBLY (1) is pushed above the "Bump" on the Filter Housing. Figure C. Orient the Filter Housing ("FRONT" is identified). Hold the lower portion of the COLLET ASSEMBLY (1) while turning the upper half of the COLLET ASSEMBLY (1) with the other hand. Hand tighten only to secure the FILTER HOUSING (2). Tools are not required. Figure D. SEAL FILTER HOUSING BUMP UPUP UP BUMP 1COLLET ASSEMBLY (RETRACTED AGAINST STOP) 23 2 UP COLLET ASSEMBLY REMOVED Figure B. Figure A. Figure C. ORIENT FILTER HOUSING PULL DOWN STOP TO REMOVE 2 TURN UPPER UPHALF TO SECURE COLLET ASSEMBLY 1UPHOLD LOWER UP HALF UP Figure D. 3 M965108 5 ATTACH FILTER LINES Push the BLUE HOSE (1) into the Blue Quick Connect Union and the WHITE HOSE (2) into the White Quick Connect Union at bottom of the FILTER HOUSING (3). HOSES (1, 2) must be fully engaged or the connection will leak. Note: How to disconnect the HOSES (1, 2) from the FILTER HOUSING (3). Push and hold the Blue or White connector in. While holding the connector in, pull out the Hose. 3 BLUE WHITE UPPUSH HOSES UP UNTIL UP FULLY ENGAGED INTO FILTER HOUSING BLUE AND WHITE CONNECTORS (Push in to remove 1 2 HOSES) 6 FILTER INSTALLATION Soak FILTER (1) in clean water for 15 minutes to saturate the FILTER (1). Insert the FILTER (1) into the top of the FILTER HOUSING (2). FIGURE A. NOTCH Turn the FILTER (1) clockwise to engage the threads and continue to turn until the notch on the FILTER (1) faces forward and is aligned with notch in the FILTER HOUSING (3) thread ring. FIGURE B. 1 Use permanent ink to mark the filter replacement date (month and day) on the INDICATOR STICKER (6). This date should be 3 months from the date of installation. FIGURE C. Push the SOAP DISH (4) or FILTER CAP (5) onto the FILTER HOUSING (3) until it snaps onto the FILTER HOUSING (3) thread ring. FIGURE B. 2Note: The Cap or Soap Dish will not snap into place unless the Filter Cartridge is installed properly. FIGURE A. FIGURE B. 56 FIGURE C. 4CLOCKWISE NOTCH 3 IN FILTER FRONT NOTCH IN FILTER HOUSING THREAD RING M965108 4 MARK MONTH AND DAY 1

7 TESTING INSTALLED FAUCET AND FILTER OPERATION Move handle into "OFF" position and remove Aerator (1).

Turn on water supplies and check connections for leaks. Operate handle up and down, left and right to flush water lines thoroughly. Move the Faucet Handle in filtered water position (handle in the off, far right position). There will be a small resistance as the handle is moved into the filter position. Flush to drain for 5 minutes. Replace the aerator. The Filter Faucet installation is now complete. Please read carefully the operation instructions to ensure optimal performance. HANDLE


Operating Specifications • • • • Capacity: Pressure Temperature: Flow Rate: requirement: StreamingTM 0.70 35 gpm - 100°F (2.65 20 Filter (2-38°C) - 125 lpg) has psi a rated (0.7 - service 8.6 bar) life of 250 gallons (930L) HANDLE Water Filtering System Faucet Operating Instructions Water Delivery • The Filter Faucet provides four options for water delivery: Unfiltered cold, mixed or hot water and Filtered cold water. • Unfiltered water is delivered from the normal faucet Aerator. Filtered water is delivered from the Filter Water Nozzle, which is positioned in back of Aerator. • COLD, FILTERED WATER: With the Faucet handle in the closed position move the faucet handle to the right. Push the Faucet Handle past the resistance and filtered water will begin to flow from the Filter Water Nozzle. FILTER HOT COLD Filter Cartridge Replacement Suggested Replacement Enter “F30” frequency in (F30) the search filters of filter bar can replacement at be the purchased top and is follow online every the 3 at months. ordering instructions. QR Code OR Scan order. the Carrier QR code charges with may your apply. web enabled smart phone to load the web page to place The Filter American Filter Cartridge Cartridge Standard is a high for should the performance “streamingTM be left in protective carbon Filter based Faucet”. film until filter ready developed for installation. specially The by F30 NOTCH Note: Use only F30 Filter Cartridges with the streamingTM Filter Faucet. CLOCKWISE How To Replace the OLD Filter with a NEW Filter FIGURE A. FIGURE B. System Tested and Certified by NSF International against Taste ANSI/NSF and Odor, Standard Particulate, 42 for Class the I, reduction and against of Chlorine, ANSI/NSF NOTCH IN FILTER Standard 53 for the reduction of Lead. FRONT NOTCH IN FILTER HOUSING THREAD RING M965108 6 F30 FILTER (Remove and replace with new F30 Filter) • • • • • • Housing. Important: notch thread Indicator Remove Turn Remove Insert Turn Use permanent the the on the ring. Sticker. the the Filter the Filter Discard Filter Soak Filter Filter protective counter clockwise ink into This Filter the faces Cap to the date mark old clockwise in or wrapping top forward to Filter. clean Soap should the of engage the Filter water Dish and be from until Filter the replacement 3 is by months for the the aligned Housing. threads lifting 15 filter replacement minutes from straight with pops and date the notch continue out to (month up. date Filter saturate. of in the of the and Cartridge. to installation. Filter Filter turn day) until Housing on the the Refer to Step 6 in the installation instructions for more detailed information. • • • the Note: installed Turn Allow Push Filter the cold The the faucet properly. Housing Filter Filter water handle Cap Cap to thread run onto will to through the not ring. the filtered snap Filter the into water Housing new place Filter position until unless to flush the and the Filter allow the Filter system Cap filtered Cartridge snaps for water 5 onto minutes. to is flow. FIGURE A. FIGURE B. FILTER HOUSING FILTER CAP NSF SOAP DISH Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. "Important Notice; Read the Manufacturer's Performance Data Sheet"

M911261-0070A SPOUT SEAL M921540-0070A “U” CONNECTOR M965108 066070-YYY0A AERATOR SINGLE CONTROL KITCHEN FILTER FAUCET M962007-YYY0A MODEL NUMBERS HANDLE KIT 4662.003 030126-0070A BUTTON AND SCREW KIT M907312-YYY0A CARTRIDGE CAP A913877-0070A CAP HOLDER A954410-0070A CARTRIDGE AND SEALS A912746-OO7OA MANIFOLD O-RING M922240-YYYOA SOAP DISH 7 REPLACE THE "YYY" WITH APPROPRIATE FINISH CODE CHROME 002 STAINLESS STEEL 075 M961772-0070A FILTER CLUTCH A918585-0070A M952460-0070A STREAMING FILTER (F-30) CARTRIDGE SCREWS M953325-0070A FILTER HOUSING M907760-YYYOA FILTER CAP M962009-YYYOA ESCUTCHEON KIT (INCLUDES PUTTY PLATE) A954427-0070A COLLET ASSEMBLY UP M962146-0070A UP MOUNTING RING KIT M922262-0070A *WATER BOTTLE *Note: The water bottle has not been evaluated to the NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards. HOT LINE FOR HELP For toll-free information and answers to your questions, call: One Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08855 1-800-442-1902 Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST IN CANADA 1-800-387-0369 (TORONTO 1-905-306-1093) Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST IN MEXICO 01-800-839-1200 Product names listed herein are trademarks of American Standard Inc. © AS America, Inc. 2010







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